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Training & Competence

FCA Competence

Help You Comply Ltd can help as a mentor - under your remit and control - in establishing and developing your business's key competencies - role and people specific. We can help with coaching, benchmarking and review. Key FCA control function responsibilities can be analysed and broken down into straightforward programmes to ensure practical compliance is evidenced. We want to support and assist and are acutely aware that no one ever erected a monument to a critic! Why leave such an important area to chance...?

Training & Competence regime

Irrespective of your views as to what constitutes COMPETENCE, one thing is certain - if your T&C regime is not properly aligned with the business objectives you will not get the commercial progress you are entitled to.

Having advised all sizes of Company on the installation and maintenance of a T&C Scheme, our Consultants can advise specifically on: Staff are one of your greatest business assets. They are also an expensive commodity...It is vital that they are trained and motivated properly.

Help you Comply can provide dynamic training and coaching on everything from soft skills and sales training, through to management development coaching.

Construction and delivery of training materials can provide cost effective solutions to your development needs. Our Consultants are experienced presenters and motivated to achieve great feedback. They are experts in:
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